Sometimes we in the animal realms look on and shake our heads at the stark staring obviousness of what you so easily miss. Sometimes we even cover our eyes so we don’t have to watch... 

But I’ve been elected - and I tell you, it was a long and heated discussion, because none of us wanted the job - to try to set you straight on a few things.

So I’m going to give it my best shot. I’m hoping you’ll get what I’m saying, but from your track record so far, I’m not holding my breath.

So anyway, here goes: This striving and competing you keep harping on about, getting to the top, being the best, shining, it really shows just how little you understand of who and what you really are! It’s so simple to us that we don’t get why you find it so hard to grasp. We animals simply accept and allow what is. We live in the moment. We feel the sun and the rain on our backs, we sniff the scents in the air, we sleep when we need to sleep, and play when we want to play. . And we don’t even think about it. We don't think about it because we know we are part of all that is. We understand the way the Universe works far better than most of you even begin to comprehend.

Okay, okay, see this is what I thought would happen. I told them. I said you’d start shouting me down. I told them. I said, ‘You know how it’ll go, they’ll start quoting at me. They’ll start listening in order to reply rather than really listening.'

And they said, ‘But we have to try, don’t we?’

They said, ‘We know their ego is going to get in the way, and they’re going to be convinced they know better.'

They said, ‘We know their ego is going to make them want to tell you it’s more complicated than that, and we agree that their ego thing is what stresses us animal guides out more than anything else about our humans, but hey, give it a go. Just give it a go,’ they said.

So can you just at least try to listen? Just for five minutes. It won’t take long, I promise, and then you can go back to your intellectual stuff - and believing you're so much cleverer than everyone else. You really dont know what you dont know, it has to be said! But I’m not supposed to say that because they said it would get your backs up, so I won’t - and then when I’ve said it I can get back to my job of trying to keep you humans from messing up.

Okay? Deal?

So here goes. We animals live in what we call ‘The Flow.’

We live in it. It’s not something outside of us, we don’t make it happen. The Flow simply is. The Flow meets our every need, and we don’t spend any time worrying about tomorrow or beating ourselves up about, or crying over, yesterday.

That truth takes away all stress, all angst, for us. We know The Flow is. We know The Flow is abundant. We know the Flow always takes care. We take what we need and are never greedy for more. We watch the world going by, but always know we are in The Flow and not of this world we OBSERVE... oh, surprised you, that bit, didn’t it? You thought we weren’t that clever, huh? Well, think again!

You humans also live in The Flow. It’s not outside of you. It simply is. But you have forgotten this. You have forgotten the way in which we are all connected. That we are the Flow. That we can never be separate from it, because the Flow is everything. But you seem to think that you’re outside of it. You even have discussions about whether or not the Flow even exists. Can't tell you much we chuckle amongst ourselves at that one!

And because you think you’re outside of the Flow, you develop this striving thing that we animals just can’t understand. You seem to think that because your brains have grown big you don't need the Flow any more.

But you really have lost your way. You've forgotten that the Flow gives you life. Is life. Is everything. You believe you know more than the Flow. And that's led you to make so many terrible mistakes! It's made you dissatisfied, anxious, fearful. It's made you believe you're on your own. You've stopped noticing how you're guided, supported, looked after. The way things fall in your path exactly when you need them. That there's always a way through. That the Flow holds you safe.

And because you've forgotten, you've started to believe in your own omnipotence, not realising that any power you have, every single discovery you make, every insight or bit of inspiration you ever have, is already there in the Flow, just waiting for the right moment for it to become available to you. You somehow believe you've done it all by yourself. You've lost the humility to recognise that the Flow is what is evolving, through you. That the Flow holds all wisdom, all knowledge, knows you way better than you know yourself. Because the Flow is you. Just as the Flow is me. And all that is, seen or unseen.

You're not making new discoveries, you're being guided to discover those things. You were always going to discover them. The thought was in your head before you even realised you'd thought it. Why? Because you're not separate. You are such an integral part of the Flow, and nothing exists that is not the Flow.

But because you have decided you're all individuals, you've decided that you need to strive to make things happen. You exhaust yourselves striving. Quite frankly, we get exhausted watching you!

See, you don’t need to strive. You don’t need to try. You don’t need to compete, or be the best, or try to show how special you are, or try to prove you can control the universe with science. It's led to you spending a lot of time living in your heads. And forgetting that wisdom resides in the body. You even seem to think that what you are is tied to your brain. That if your brain stops working, you will cease to exist! We really can't get our heads around that one! Don't you realise that we, you, everything, all exists in the Flow, and that the Flow simply is!

We animals understand it so differently. We know we exist in the Flow. We have a saying. Whenever any of us meet each other, we simply murmur, ‘We are in The Flow.’ Now that’s pretty sacred to us, that saying. It is how we greet each other, and how we take leave of each other. Before we take life, we say to the one who gives their life to us, ‘We are in The Flow.’ We say it with appreciation, with gratitude. And we don’t take that life until the one who is giving their life has replied back, ‘We are in The Flow.’

We know we come from The Flow, that we go back to The Flow. That The Flow is in us and around us and in all things. That we are The Flow, as are all things. And before we choose to incarnate - just as you do - we visualise how our brief time here on this earth plane is going to go. We do it briefly, and quickly, because we know by now how pretty insignificant that all is in the overall scheme of things, in the life of The Flow.

We know that we will live out what we agreed, and that it will always be going the way it needs to be going. And we know we are always being taken care of by The Flow. That everything is always working out.

See, if only you humans could get that. Really get that. But you cut yourselves off from The Flow by choosing to do the striving thing. If you would only use your senses, and trust them as we animals do, it could all be so simple. Because I tell you, when you allow yourself to be in The Flow, life is joyous and peaceful and worry free.

You don’t make things happen, you allow everything to unfold. You're here for the adventure, exactly as we are. Voluntarily and intentionally. Nothing is random! Life is always working out for you because, just as we animals do, you planned how it would go before you came. So you don’t have to make it happen, because it’s already going to happen. You simply have to allow it and enjoy the ride, this time around.

When you simply allow, you will always find happiness. Always. There. This is how you live joyfully and with ease, moment by moment. It could all be so simple. So much less fearful. You could simply live trusting the Flow.

So that’s it. You just have to let go, allow, appreciate, be joyous and curious, and go with The Flow, in The Flow. When you do that, everything you spend so much time reading and talking about will happen for you. Because you’ll be in the flow.

Okay, so, thanks for listening. I’m going to find me a shady tree now and lay under it for a while. After that, I’ll see what takes my fancy.

Just going with The Flow.

See you around x

Yours ever in the Flow

Your Animal Guide"