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Known and loved all over the world as The Therapist in my Pocket, Janny has a social media following of over 200k.

People love her warmth, wisdom and compassion as she shares her very particular blend of insights arising from the overlap between psychotherapy, studies in consciousness, spirituality and spiritually transformative experiences, non-duality, embodied awareness, and our common humanity.

Followers know her catchphrase, 'We're all in this together, just walking each other home' well, and experience the energy of that truth in everything she shares.

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So who is The Therapist in my Pocket?

I'm a psychotherapist in UK with over 30 years' experience, a lifelong spiritual seeker and mentor.

My passion is the way in which psychotherapy, spirituality and consciousness research are now converging at the leading edge, and shifting our current materialistic and mechanistic paradigm into one of Unified Consciousness. A new world is birthing, and increasing numbers of fellow travellers are awakening to it! I'm immensely excited to be a part of it!

I was previously a university lecturer and Director of their therapy training MA. Before that, I worked as a trainer specialising in interpersonal communication, confidence building and assertiveness, often employing psychodrama as a training tool. And way before that, I was Head of English & Drama in a secondary school.

Looking back, each of these has brought me to where I now find myself. Alongside my psychotherapy practice, I write, speak, train, share and facilitate ongoing exploration with, and within, others. I offer daily social media posts, livestreams, and courses, meditations and retreats, in person and online. And I love connecting with other spiritual seekers all over the world, and sharing this amazing adventure together!

I’m so very glad you’re here! Welcome!

✨Stuck in the pain of what's happened to you?

✨Reliving a story over and over that you can't escape from?

✨Trying to be one person, but keep on being a different one?

✨Long to heal but don't know how?

✨As a psychospiritual psychotherapist with over 30 yrs experience, I know how to help you to do exactly that! And I can promise you it feels so good! I'm just a DM away! Isn't it time?

My Journey

Years later, as a spiritual seeker familiar with such phenomena, I now know that this ‘hug’ was an experience of merging with the greater mind, the consciousness that is called by many names, a profoundly visceral experience of communication with what I would now call Oneness. And that the ‘someone’ was my Soul Signature’ – who I was and am beyond time and space.

And in the years following, I forgot. Just as we all do. Life happened. Pain, loss, trauma, fear, shame – the dust and rubble of living a human life fell on top of that beautiful knowing. This time/space illusion, in all its relentless brutality, became convincingly real.

Years ago, Plato coined the word ‘anamnesis’ – a remembering of all we knew before birth. Children are great rememberers, I think. They are not so long into incarnation that they have lost touch with the Oneness out of which they emerged. They stand in their cot, delightedly watching and pointing to phenomena we can no longer see; they talk animatedly to guides here to ease them from one reality to another. They talk of what happened before. And, because we have forgotten, we call it imagination, pretend play.

As a psychotherapist of 30 years and energy worker, I’m familiar with forgetting. We incarnate eagerly, up for the adventure, still remembering we are not alone here. Then trauma hits, life becomes real, and forgetting sets in. Only as we are close to returning home, nearing death, does the veil lift once again. Even then, just as with children, we are met with scepticism, ‘logical’ explanations from those who have still forgotten.

As that same psychotherapist and energy worker, now a spiritual seeker also, who continues to experience transformative mystical experiences, I have found myself pondering this process of forgetting and remembering.

Why does it happen? Are we meant to forget? Does it serve a purpose? Since I believe that nothing is accidental, within a Universe I know to be conscious, there had to be meaning and significance to this universal process.

My search for an answer has led me to read and discuss widely, considering the latest research in neuroscience, transpersonal psychology, studies into the nature of consciousness, mystical and spiritually transformative experiences, energy and quantum physics, and the nature of ‘reality’ itself. In the process, I have encountered the most amazing minds, thinkers outside the box. And I have become convinced that we are on the cusp of the greatest paradigm shift there has ever been.

That shift is one that is moving away from the prevailing world of materialistic reductionism with its rigid tunnel vison and resistance to any ideas which fall outside its narrow framework. Human consciousness is expanding to accomodate a new reality, that of a conscious, creative, expanding Universe in which everything is interconnected, the very fabric of which is composed of love.

How does forgetting and remembering fit into this paradigm? I believe that this conscious Universe expands through experiencing itself in an infinite variety of forms. I believe that we – as souls become form for a while - are part of that process; and that the only way we can fully immerse ourselves in a human experience is to temporarily forget all that we truly are.

Three years ago, a mainstream publisher, Welbeck (now Hachette), contacted me out of the blue saying they'd come across my work and loved it. They wanted me to write a book about healing. Not how to heal from this, or from that, but from a much bigger perspective. Simply how to heal.

The resulting book, YOU CAN REMEMBER WHO YOU WERE BEFORE LIFE MADE YOU FORGET' invites the reader to explore their own human journey through those eyes, and the lens of that awareness. The many tearful messages of recognition I have received, and the amazing reviews, would seem to confirm that its message and the healing it offers is timely.

You Can Remember Who You Were Before Life Made You Forget

How to Transform Your Pain, Redefine Your Story and Rediscover

'Comforting, eye-opening, and inspiring, this is a must read. Dive in and let yourself remember who you truly are' -- Larry Dossey MD, New York Times bestselling author

'Takes you step by step back to your true self, past the traumas, defenses, self-criticism, and triggers ... Every page has a lesson in vulnerability and light that might help you through this difficult, wonderful life we live' -- Neal Allen, coach and author of Shapes of Truth

'An inspired – and inspiring – book which can really help us snap out of the spell of identifying with a limited, fictitious identity and remember who we actually are ... Highly recommended' -- Paul Levy, author of Wetiko

'A compelling, thought-provoking and warm approach to the process of self-healing' -- Johanna Blomqvist, Ph.D, physicist, energy healer & teacher and author of Hyperreality

'A book that radiates love and kindness, and expertly guides us back home to oneness and well-being' -- Steve Taylor PhD, author of The Leap and Extraordinary Awakenings

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Work with me

Although my initial training, over 30 years ago, was in Internal Object Relations (the way different parts of us interact with each other in our inner world) and Depth Psychology, I have built upon that foundation so much since then.

I have in more recent years embraced the work of DICK SCHWARTZ, and have trained with him in what I consider to be the model which is on the leading edge of the latest research into trauma, consciousness, neuroscience and spirituality. Clients find this model immensely accessible and life changing!

It's the therapy model that's hailed by leading trauma experts as the breakthrough treatment for healing trauma. BESSEL VAN DER KOLK (THE BODY KEEPS THE SCORE) has called it 'The ground-breaking model every trauma therapist should learn! A breakthrough, must-have therapy approach to healing trauma!'

My own spiritually transformative experiences have led me to further training, research, and trauma-informed practices, and to engage in developing my theoretical base and current practice to embrace holistic and transpersonal approaches.

I would currently define myself as a psychospiritual psychotherapist and holistic practitioner.

I have trained with JUDITH BLACKSTONE (THE REALIZATION PROCESS: A STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO EMBODIED AWAKENING, TRAUMA & THE UNBOUND BODY - The Healing Power of Fundamental Consciousness, THE FULLNESS OF THE GROUND - A Guide to Embodied Awakening)) in deep meditation techniques that enable us to experience the One Consciousness we really are and to live in the world experiencing embodying this in our interactions with others and the world, and am a fully certified REALIZATION PROCESS TEACHER, qualified to teach these profound processes to others.

I have also trained with THOMAS HUEBL (ATTUNED, HEALING COLLECTIVE TRAUMA) in healing individual, spiritual, collective and generational trauma, and THE SPIRITUAL HEALING JOURNEY.

Working with me may, therefore, involve talking, meditation and mindfulness, embodied awareness, exploring different parts of the self, creative visualisation, as well as energy work.

I am committed to providing a safe, respectful, lively and engaging space for you. My style is warm and friendly, but you will also find me very open, honest, challenging and insightful, and an active partner in your healing process.

My approach is holistic, and this means that I shall see you, and treat you, as a complex human being, mind-body-spirit. I shall see you as being many parts, many experiences, the sum total of all of these having brought you to where you are right now. And I shall hold you to be capable of healing yourself, and of having all the resources you need inside you.

All you need is my active company, support and expertise. And that you will have.

“Let nothing be more important than to heal. Because when one heals, we all heal.”

Janny Juddly

"You Can Remember Who You Were Before Life Made You Forget" Welbeck Publishing 2022

Transform your pain

Pain and suffering are two completely different things. Negotiating one leads to growth and resilience, the other keeps us stuck in an endless cycle...

Reframe your story

What we tell ourself about what has happened makes all the difference to how we handle it. We can learn to choose what is most helpful for our own peace of mind...

Empower your life

When we take control by living intentionally and managing our experiences differently, our life becomes transformed and empowered...

I help people who are stuck in pain, and lost in the story of what's happened to them, to heal that pain, free themselves from that story, and rediscover the magic of all they truly are. If you like the sound of that, get in touch with me, and let's help you do exactly that!



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Childhood difficulties


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